About Us

Who is Farm Sensations?

Farm Sensations is an inspired representation of the fun and enjoyable things that can come from the farm. 

The Soap Story:

My Goat Milk Soap was inspired by the benefits I was experiencing as I began to milk my two new dairy goats. My hands were getting softer and easier to clean. My dry cracked cuticles were beginning to soften. So I decided to make Goat Milk Soap. As I began the research into making soap, I realized I could use lard as an oil in the soap. My research into using lard as a skin care product uncovered the fact that lard has incredible skin conditioning qualities. And, lard can be made from a product I already have on the farm, a slow selling product that was beginning to take up way to much room in my freezer, fat back from our pigs. So I began rendering lard and replacing the palm oil (an environmentally controversial product) in my soaps with lard, a by-product I had readily available on the farm. Adding the lard to the soaps accomplished two awesome things. It added a great skin conditioning quality to the soap. And it allowed me to take another farm raised product and include it in the soaps.

The Lotion Bars:

The ‘awe ha’ with the lard led me to make Lotion Bars (lotion in a solid form). The Lotion Bars are a combination of Lard, Coconut Oil, and Bees Wax (a product I get from a local Bee Keeper, Heavenly Beezzzzz) and are awesome for dry hands and feet, or any dryness you might be experiencing.

Who am I:

I’m a farmer of sorts, a partner with my husband Gary in Two Bridges Farm. Two Bridges Farm is now 6 years old. While I’ve always had a fascination with sustainable farming and what it represents, it was not until we started our own small farm in Franklin County, NC that I became quite intimate with what it really meant to be a farmer, not to mention a sustainable farmer. We have gone thru a great deal of transition and transformation over the past 6 years, much of it inspired by the challenges of being a small farmer. Through this process I have developed a strong desire to illuminate all the beauty that can come from the small impassioned farm and farmer.

I have had so much fun making the awesome Goat Milk Soaps and Lotion Bars but it wasn’t until I started making Goat Milk Fudge over the summer (some of my farmer’s market customer’s may remember this) that the idea for Farm Sensations evolved. With the trials of the Goat Milk Fudge came a desire to do so much more. Through this experience, I realized how much I enjoy taking products from the farm and making things with them. I love to bake and cook and I love to craft and create and there’s so much that I’d like to do. It is from this strong desire to find creative expressions for all of the goodness that comes from the farm (not just our farm but farms in general) that Farm Sensations is born.

We’d like to invite you to join us as we continue on our journey of discovery and development of that which comes from the farm.

Where to find us:

You can find us on Saturday mornings at Western Wake Farmers' Market in Cary.

Please contact us for on-farm sales or farm visits.

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