• Rooibos Tea Soap - Orange/Anise/Clove (Out of Stock)

This soap is similar to our goat milk soap but the goat milk has been replaced with Rooibos Tea.  Rooibos Tea soap has a creamy ritch lather and provides a soothing effect for your skin.  We use the same quality oils as we use in our goat milk soap, including lard from our pasture raised pigs (or neighboring small farms when ours is not available), virgin expeller pressed coconut oil, virgin expeller pressed olive oil, hexane free castor oil, and bees wax from a local bee keeper.

Our soaps are either unscented or fragranced with Essential Oils unless otherwise stated. Essential Oils always All Natural.  We do have a few soaps that contain fragrance oils which will be identified in the selection list. All but one of the fragrance oils is certified all natural.  All fragrance oils used are Phthalate Free.  In the selection list Essential Oils will be noted with 'EO', Certified All Natural Fragrance Oil will be noted with 'FO all natural'. Any other Fragrance Oil will be noted with 'FO'.

Our ingredients include Rooibos Tea, Lard, Organic Expeller Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Expeller Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Castor Oil (Hexane Free), Bees Wax, Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide,  Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils for fragrance.  Some soaps may contain colloidal (ground) oats and honey.  We will occasionally use distilled water when it will benefit the soap quality which is dependent on the method used for making the soap.  

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Rooibos Tea Soap - Orange/Anise/Clove (Out of Stock)

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